Veryeah Power Kit 2000 – veryeah

This Kit (VS) Power Station 2000

Usage Scenarios

AC Power Station

Power Brick + AC Brick

Paired with the AC Brick, Form a power station with 2400W AC driving capability. This 2400W actual AC power can support almost all common household appliances.

DC Power Station

Power Brick + DC Brick

The DC Brick offers 12V, 19V, and 24V outputs, delivering up to a powerful 360W with a variety of ports.

Cooking System

Power Brick + DC Saucepan

Paired with the DC Saucepan, create the world's most compact high-power DC cooking system. Easily boil water, keep it warm, fry bacon, and make french fries.

Solar Generator

Power Brick + Solar Panel

By combining with a solar panel, you can continuously replenish clean solar energy.

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Spec & Size

Power Brick
  • Battery: LFP4 ( LiFePO4 ), 3000 Cycles, 1008Wh Cpacity
  • USB-A Port x2: 18W Max
  • USB-C Port x2: 100W Max
  • DC5525 Port: Input DC 12V,18V,40V, MPPT 160W Max (or) Input DC 50.68V, 240W Max
  • VE24 Port: Input DC 50.68V 864W Max (or) Output DC 36.40-50.68V 864W Max
  • VE 30 Port: Input DC 50.68V 864W Max (or) Output DC 36.40-50.68V 2660W Max
AC Brick
  • VE30 Port: Input DC 36.40-50.68V
  • AC Output: AC 90-120V, 2400W Max (Surge 4800W), Full sine wave
  • Net Weight: 8.82 lbs
  • Dimension: 12.20 x 7.87 x 5.5 inch
  • Testing & certification: FCC CE RoHS
DC Saucepan
  • Levels: 5 levels
  • Power: 800W Max
  • Voltage: 36.4-50.68V
  • Coating: Ceramic coating
  • Capacity: 1.9L
DC Brick
  • Input Voltage: 30-58.8V
  • Total Output Power: 360W Max
  • DC5525 Port x2: 12V/19V/24V, 6A Max
  • Cigarette Light Port: 12V/19V/24V, 10A Max
  • Anderson Port: 12V/30A, 19V/18A, 24V/15A, 30A Max
  • Net Weight: 3.46 lbs
  • Dimension: 6.69 x 5.11 x 2.95 inch
Solar Panel
  • Material: Monocrystalline silicon
  • Folding method: 4 fold
  • Working Valtage: 40V
  • Standard Operating Power: 160W
  • Charging Port: Anderson
  • Net Weight: 13.23 lbs
  • Folding Dimensions: 24.29 x 19.09 x 1.38 inch
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 68.74 x 24.29 x 1.1 inch

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