Introduction – veryeah


This is a game-changing alternative that will challenge your preconceptions.The current outdoor power stations in the market have fixed capacities, power ratings, and output interfaces. This lack of scalability and flexibility results in the need to abandon the previous product when it doesn't meet your requirements. This is a significant pain point. We have addressed this issue.

Power Brick, you can understand it as a super power bank that you can use separately when you only need to power digital devices. If you add an AC Brick to it, which is a 2400W inverter, it becomes a Portable Power Station, similar to the J's 1000 Pro or E's Delta2. If you add a DC Brick to it, it becomes a compact 30A Anderson RV power source. You can also connect a Solar Brick to it, and then it becomes a solar generator with a voltage range of 12-200V, compatible with almost all solar panels available on the market.