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What's AC Brick

The AC brick is a 2400W inverter that is responsible for converting the DC power supplied by the Power Brick into AC power within the Veryeah portfolio.

Interfaces and Functions

The AC Brick is a simple design, providing four AC outputs and a switch button on the front. A VE30 input port on the back.

Intelligent noise control

When inverters are under light load, the fans are turned off to ensure absolute silence. If the temperature is too high, the fan is set to four air speeds. Just the right air speed minimizes the noise experience.

Adequate AC outlets

Ac Brick can connect four devices at the same time, with a total output power of up to 2400 W. The direction of the ports on both sides comes across, making it easy to bend over and plug in devices.

Flexibility to configure the number of AC Brick

In different scenarios, you may need different AC output power. You just need to purchase additional AC Brick to fulfill the demand.

Don't worry about its power

The nominal power of our inverter is 2400W, and the peak power can reach 4800W. high-power appliances he can easily handle.

Multi-use at the same time

You may need multiple people, in multiple places, at the same time. Acquiring more cheap AC Brick can help you realize it.