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Why Power Brick


Designed to be compact, it measures just 7.9 inches wide, 5.5 inches high, and weighs only 20 pounds, making it very portable.

Hight Capacity

Despite its compact size, the Power Brick boasts a capacity of 1008Wh (315,000mAh). The safer LFP4 battery ensures a lifespan of up to 10 years.

High-Power DC Output

The Power Brick can directly output 48V, 1000-2000W of DC power. It can be used directly with Veryeah's 800W DC Saucepan and 360W DC Brick.

Power Brick + 1 = More

USB Charger Station

Power Brick Along

With 315,000mAh capacity, dual 100W USB-C, and dual 18W USB-A ports, you'll never worry about charging outdoors again.

Cooking System

Power Brick + DC Saucepan

Paired with the DC Saucepan, create the world's most compact high-power DC cooking system. Easily boil water, keep it warm, fry bacon, and make french fries.

DC Power Station

Power Brick + DC Brick

The DC Brick offers 12V, 19V, and 24V outputs, delivering up to a powerful 360W with a variety of ports.

AC Power Station

Power Brick + AC Brick

Paired with the AC Brick, Form a power station with 2400W AC driving capability. This 2400W actual AC power can support almost all common household appliances.

Solar Power Storage System

Power Brick + Solar Brick

With the Solar Hub, Combine various solar panels with the Power Brick to quickly generate and store solar energy.

Spec & Size

  • Type : LFP4 ( LiFePO4 )
  • Cycles : 3000 times
  • Capacity : 1008Wh
Output Ports
  • USB-A (x2) : independent 18W Max
  • USB-C (x2) : independent 100W Max
  • VE30 : DC 36.40-50.68V, 2400W Max
  • VE24 : DC 36.40-50.68V, 864W Max
Input Ports
  • VE24 Port : Input DC 50.68V, 864W Max
  • DC5525 Port : AC Charger Input: 50.8V DC, 240W Max | Solar Panel Input: 12V / 18V / 24V / 40V DC, 160W Max, MPPT
Weight & Dimensions
  • Net Weight: 20.22 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.9 x 5.5 inch

What's In The Box

  • Power Brick

  • GaN AC Charger

  • Car Charger Cable

  • User Manual


Does the Power Brick support solar panels? Voltage and power?

The Power Brick has a built-in MPPT charging circuit. It supports 12V, 18V, 24, 36V, and 40V solar panels. The Max power is 160W.

Is this product waterproof?

The Power Brick is not waterproof, but there are no gaps on the top and the gaps on other sides are very small. It can handle light splashes.