Power Station Kit – veryeah

Why Power Brick Kit - Combo

Comprehensive Output

This kit can provide high-power AC output and DC output through USB-A and USB-C ports. Its capacity is also 1008Wh or higher.

Series Upgrade

By purchasing an additional Power Station, you can alternate their use. The one that's not in use can be charged.


Buying the kit as a bundle is more cost-effective than purchasing the components separately.



You can conveniently carry and replace your battery pack

Standalone Use

The split design allows you to use the Power Brick independently

Combined Use

Combine and use according to different scenarios.


If you need more power, please configure additional Power Bricks.

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Power Brick's Video

How to use, Spec in pic, and so on.

User Review

The Veryeah inverter is really powerful. It handles my high-powered chainsaw with ease.

by Todd

Spec & Size

  • Type: LFP ( LiFePO4 )
  • Cycles: 3000 times
  • Capacity: 1008Wh
Output Ports
  • USB-A: independent 18W x 2
  • USB-C: independent 100W x 2
  • VE30: 2400W Max
  • VE24: DC 36.40-50.68V Max 864W
Input Ports
  • VE24: 800W Max, DC 50.68V Max 864W
  • DC5525: 50.8V DC (AC Charger) or 12-40V DC ( Solar MPPT)
Weight & Dimensions
  • Net Weight: 8.82 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.9 x 5.5 inch

What's In The Box

  • Power Brick

  • GaN AC Charger

  • Car Charger Cable

  • User Manual


Does the Power Brick support solar panels? Voltage and power?

The Power Brick has a built-in MPPT charging circuit. It supports 12V, 18V, 24, 36V, and 40V solar panels. The Max power is 160W.

Is this product waterproof?

The Power Brick is not waterproof, but there are no gaps on the top and the gaps on other sides are very small. It can handle light splashes.

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