Power Station Kit

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Core selling points :

  • ● Top-tier Direct AC Output Power in One Go
  • ● Sufficient power bricks provide ample electricity
  • ● Upgrade your system later without discarding
  • ● Light and compact, easy to carry around
  • ● Timely communication: support@veryeah.com

Helpful documents :

Why Choose Veryeah?

Veryeah's Power Station features a unique modular design, bringing many advantages. 1. The heaviest module weighs only 22 lbs, making it compact and easy to carry. 2. The ACBrick is a 2400W true power inverter with exceptional load-bearing capacity. 3. Long-lasting power output can be maintained by replacing Power Bricks.

Exceptional Load-bearing Capacit

Whether you choose the PowerStationKit1000 or the PowerStationKit2000, you can enjoy a massive 2400W AC power output. Our AC Bricks can easily handle your commonly used digital devices, household appliances, outdoor tools like welding machines, chainsaws, and more.

Safe and Durable Battery

Veryeah utilizes automotive-grade LFP batteries certified by UL, providing a more stable and secure usage experience. With a cycle life of 3000 times, it ensures prolonged and reliable use. The advanced Battery Management System (BMS) comprehensively safeguards the battery throughout the circuit, enhancing safety.

Charging Anytime, Anywhere

You can charge at home using a wall outlet, charge in your car using the cigarette lighter, or use a solar panel for charging.

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