Solar Generator Kit Pro

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Core selling points :

  • ● Perfectly Compatible for home and portable use
  • ● Ultimate solar panel experience
  • ● Modular design for easy and lightweight transport
  • ● Disassembles for simultaneous multi-use
  • ● Upgrade your system later without discarding
  • ● Timely communication:

User Guide Ver 1.3.122 :

What's Solar Generator Kit Pro

Veryeah's top energy solutions are compatible with home energy storage, portable power station, and powerful solar energy generation capabilities.

Small and compact, easy to carry around

A Power Brick is only 20lbs and can be easily moved by children or the elderly. For more capacity, you just need to buy a couple extra Power Bricks.

Extremely Powerful Inverter

Our AC Brick is an inverter that has a true 2400W of power and can peak up to 4800W. It can drive 99.9% of common appliances.

Safe Battery and Management Systems

The safety of the battery system is our main concern. We utilize UL certified automotive grade LFP4 batteries and strictly protect them with our CCS + BMS dual circuit system.

Gentle charging : make your battery last longer

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