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Why We Designed Veryeah

Portable Power Stations Are Not Really Portable

When the capacity of a power station exceeds 2kWh, it typically weighs over 40 lbs, making it cumbersome to transport. Once it reaches 3kWh, wheels become necessary for mobility, but even then, lifting it into a vehicle remains a challenge. Furthermore, wheels are ineffective on wet grass or muddy terrain.

Veryeah products are compact, with the heaviest Power Brick weighing only 20 lbs. Even if you need 5kWh of power, it's easy to load into your car without any hassle.

Traditional Power Stations Lack Flexibility

Upgrading traditional power stations is often impractical. When you realize that your current setup is insufficient, you're usually forced to buy an entirely new product. For example, if you purchase a 600W power station and find it's not enough for your devices, you're stuck. Similarly, if you buy a 1500W unit and discover it can't handle a particular device, you have no choice but to replace it again.

In contrast, Veryeah's AC Brick offers a maximum output of 2400W. You can easily upgrade your power capacity as needed, without replacing the entire unit.

Inflexible Traditional Power Stations

You might have varying power needs: sometimes you only need enough USB ports and high capacity for charging digital devices outdoors, other times you might require continuous DC power for a refrigerator for over 24 hours, or perhaps multiple users need power in different locations simultaneously. Traditional power stations with fixed parameters can't address these diverse requirements.

Veryeah provides the flexibility to cater to all these scenarios with ease.

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Modules Overview Video

Quickly Understand the Usage and Concept of Veryeah Power Modules.

Key Modules Overview

Power Brick

A powerful 1008Wh battery pack weighing only 20 lbs. It comes with four USB ports and can be used independently. more

AC Brick

A top-of-the-line inverter providing 2400W of continuous power (with a peak of 4800W). more

DC Brick

An enhanced DC converter offering multiple voltages and interfaces, with a power capacity of up to 360W. more

DC Saucepan

A versatile 800W multi-function DC cooking pot with five adjustable power levels. more

Solar Panel

A high-power 160W solar panel, featuring a meticulously designed stand and a flat, streamlined surface. more

Solar Hub

Equipped with six independent 160W MPPT inputs, each supporting voltages from 12V to 40V, making it highly versatile. more

Power Hub

A central unit that connects all modules, allowing you to create your personalized power setup. more

Charger Hub

Combines up to three AC chargers for rapid charging capabilities. more

1 + 1 Combinations

USB Charging Station

Power Brick standalone

With 315,000mAh capacity, dual 100W USB-C, and dual 18W USB-A ports, you'll never worry about charging outdoors again.

Cooking System

Power Brick + DC Saucepan

Paired with the DC Saucepan, create the world's most compact high-power DC cooking system. Easily boil water, keep it warm, fry bacon, and make french fries.

DC Power Station

Power Brick + DC Brick

The DC Brick offers 12V, 19V, and 24V outputs, delivering up to a powerful 360W with a variety of ports.

AC Power Station

Power Brick + AC Brick

Paired with the AC Brick, Form a power station with 2400W AC driving capability. This 2400W actual AC power can support almost all common household appliances.

Solar Generator

Power Brick + Solar Panel

By combining with a solar panel, you can continuously replenish clean solar energy.

Multi-Module Combinations

AC Power Station Pro

Power Brick x3 + AC Brick + Power Hub

The 3024Wh, 2400W Power Station and Power Hub will automatically select the Power Brick to operate.

AC Power Station Ultra

PowerBrick x5 + ACBrick + PowerHub

The 5040Wh, 2400W Power Station offers an enormous amount of power, so you never have to worry about running out of electricity again.

Solar Generator

Power Brick + Solar Hub + Solar Panel x6

The 960W MPPT solar power system can generate approximately 1KWh of electricity in just one hour.